How Do You Recycle?

Tell me, dear reader how do you recycle your empty cans and old glass jars?

Things fro my recycling bin
2 Glass jars & an empty soup can

Do you just trash them or do you make really pretty things?

Recucled jar table centre
Cute eh?

Like this beautiful table centre I madeĀ for a friend!

I had a go at making a paper pom pom too…

Pink paper pom pom
My first ever paper pom pom

And what do you think of my smart new photo backdrop? My 8 year old step-daughter made it for me (thank you Jessica x). It took her about 15 minutes to glue some old book pages to a large piece of cardboard but I love it… so expect to see it a lot more!

See you tomorrow for Five of The Best,

Nikki x