Five of The Best… No 8

I haven’t had much blog time this past couple of weeks and I have really missed it! I’ve decided to take a bit of ‘pressure to publish’ off myself and will only be running ‘Five of the best’ once a month. It also means that I can bring you 5 truly inspirational pieces rather than 5 ‘nice’ blog posts. I hope you don’t mind?

I am considering other ideas to run in the missing slots – a ‘show me your project’ link-up, a makeover challenge between bloggers, a ‘test the tutorial’ and a few other, not quite formed, ideas. I’d love your opinions and feedback if you’ve got a minute to comment or email?

I found this first piece when Jonna a Lovely Rubbish started following Big Red Barn. I always have to check out other people’s bogs when they follow me (or even comment) and the very first thing I saw was this fantastic Chippy chair. Now, I think I mentioned before that I’ve got a ‘bit of a thing’ for chippy style paint jobs at the minute? Well this piece really made me desperate to have a go myself.

A heavily chipped chair
Lovely Rubbish

I’ve been saving this one for a couple of weeks so I hope not too many of you have seen it already – that being said I love Nicole’s blog (Re-design in a day)and you should all be following her too lol!

Shabby chic corner unit
Re-design in a day

Ever wonder what to do with the extra drawers that seem to breed at the back of your storage space? (or is that just me?). I loved this range of furniture from the designers at sagi.



Redo It Yourself is a blog I have delivered straight to my inbox where I always read it, so I rarely visit the blog proper when I really should! There’s a lot there to keep me drooling but I particularly liked this piece because it’s a practical piece of kitchen furniture that has been made to look elegant and truly ‘chic’.

Redo It Yourself

The final piece for this month is from Bad Rabbit Vintage. I saw this picture on my pinterest feed and just had to click through to see the whole project. The patina achieved is simply stunning!

Bad Rabbit Vintage

Well that’s this months Five of The Best, I hope you found something you liked? Next Sunday I will be bringing you some fab freebies so please do follow so you don’t miss a thing!

‘Til next time,

Nikki x

Five of the best… No 6

Hello my friends! I hope you’ve had a better week than me? I’ve been off my feet with a real nasty stomach bug so not a huge amount to report I’m afraid! I have saved up some goodies for you to check out though, so let’s get sharing!

This first project id from Found This Painted That and I love the finished look. I also love her idea of using a quote from Dr Seuss – imagine the dreams you could have!

Hand painted headboard
Found This Painted That

The next project that jumped out at me this week is from Saw Nail and Paint. I fell for the amazing ‘streaky’ effect she has achieved using General Finishes paint – I wish I could get my hands on some to try!

Streaky paint effect
Saw Nail and Paint

I really couldn’t choose between 2 projects from The Curators Collection – but she has so many beautiful things featured on her blog that I could spend hours drooling at it! So, instead of stressing over which to use, I’m including both!

Distressed wooden Table
The Curators collection
Black and wood
Beautiful details

And last but not least is this fantastic example of milk paint being used over at Sweet Pickins Furniture. I am desperate to try milk paint but have to wait patiently for my supplies to travel all the way to the UK.

Chippy Milk Paint
Sweet Pickins Furniture

Hopefully I’ve beaten the worst of this bug now so can get on and finish painting my corner cupboard – lets call that one an experiment as I’ve never bought something made of Formica with the intention of painting it… in fact I’ve never deliberately bought Formica (plastic laminate) in my life before this corner unit!

Take care til next time,

Nikki x

Five of the best… No 5

Real life has, once again, gotten in the way of blogging but I’ve completed a couple of projects to share with you next week. I’ve also done a few little bits around the house – repainted my stairs, put a new floor down in the bathroom etc. – but nothing so spectacular or pretty that I want to share them lol!

I have had little time to read many of my favourite blogs this week but I managed to find some lovely pieces to go into my Five of the best number 5!

I mentioned a while back that my step-daughter helped me make a great backdrop from an old book and a huge piece of cardboard, well here’s the original tutorial from Knick of time – just in case you couldn’t figure it out!

Free photo backdrop
Book Page Photo Backdrop

This next one from Sadie Seasongoods is probably the simplest, but one of the best tutorials for making a suitcase table.

make a vintage suitcase table
It’s a happy looking piece!

Sometimes when we buy a miscellaneous (mixed) boxes at auction we will find an odd doorknob that is just begging to be used for something. Often It will end up being saved until we have enough miss-matched knobs to use on a chest of drawers but I came across this lovely alternative at Petticoat Junction.

Vintage door knobs
See what she does with these old knobs

When I saw this transformation on Vintage Farm Furniture I added ‘old grandfather clock case’ to my wish list. It’s so pretty and unusual that I just want one now!!!

Fix a grandfather clock
Stunning Clock Makeover

I would love to have a go at this project I found on See Cate Create but I’ve a feeling it would drive me nuts so maybe not! I have to say that the end result is simply stunning and the tutorial gives you all the information you need to have a go yourself.

how to make vintage marquee letters
Fantastic tutorial at see cate create

Well I hope that you’ve had a wonderful, and relaxing weekend. I’d love to hear what you have been up to.

Keep warm ’til next time,

Nikki x

Five of the best… No 4

After having to skip a couple of weeks due to work commitments I’m happy to come back with our popular ‘Five of The Best’ series!

Up first is this amazing chair re-do came to me via Lindsey at Better After where she shares a lot of photos and info on how the project took shape. The guys who did it don’t seem to have a blog to link to but you can check out their facebook page for more of what they are up to.

Using aluminum on furniture
Check out the before and after shots and prepare to be impressed!

You know how I love mixing it up with paint so this piece really grabbed my attention. It’s from Knot to Shabby – make sure that you follow them from their new home and not the old blog pages this link takes you to!

Annie Sloan Green Glass Paint
Beautifully distressed

I am quite enjoying using wallpaper on furniture recently and this post from Girl in the Garage shows how it can give a real ‘WOW’ factor to an, otherwise ordinary piece.


This whole room makeover from DIYher is just so pretty I had to share it. It does leave me wondering why my own bedroom has piles of furniture, old frames and ‘it might be handy one day’ bits stashed all over the place!


And finally, I found this quirky bench on Pinterest while looking for ideas on how to use up the dozen or so old chairs that seem to be breeding in my shed! I couldn’t find the original source so if anyone out there knows who it belongs to I’d appreciate it so I can give credit where it’s due!

mismatched chair bench‘Til next time,

Nikki x

Five of The Best No 3

I am overjoyed to report that normal blogging has been restored (almost) and that from today I should be back to bringing you regular posts a few times a week (I hope). There have been several things holding me back this past couple of weeks – I’ve had a lot of hours in my ‘real’ job, I moved from the free to the self hosted and my old faithful estate car broke. Not just a little broke but full on, never going to move again, turn it into something useful like a baked bean can kind of broke!

Thankfully everything seems to have calmed down again this weekend. I managed to buy a little car that will get me around without relying on other people’s kindness and a friend at work has asked if I can swap a couple of shifts so I will actually get an extra day off this week!

Enough of my ramblings… I still managed to find a few great projects around the interweb to share with you. So, without further ado…

My first piece was found on Hometalk, it’s by Just The Woods. I’ve only just discovered the site but will be talking about it later this week. I love the silver detail on this piece and would almost start drinking wine just to have an excuse to own it!

Silver on wood

This next piece isn’t a furniture makeover but an absolutely stunning work of art discovered by Found This Painted That and then she does her own and gives details in a very clear tutorial so we can all have a go.

Amazing Book Art
Amazing Book Art

None of us have a perfect track record and sometimes there’s a project that just doesn’t go well for us. Find out how things turned our for Laura at Finding Home when she tried to make these cute Valentines Hearts she found on Martha Stewart

Crayon Hearts Valentines Craft
Martha Stewarts Crayon Hearts

I LOVE this piece I found while catching up on some old posts from Petticoat Junktion. You see so many ‘tastefully’ distressed pieces it’s great to see something that has really been worked over!

Very distressed paint effect
I love how distressed this piece is.

The final piece for this week is an ugly little side table that had a badly damaged top. Beck over at Beckwith’s Treasures did a fantastic job in replacing the tops but I’m not sure of the dark stain on pine, but that’s just my personal preference.

Wood stained top
Pine stained with dark oak

I’d like to thank everyone for letting me share their work. If you seen something amazing recently that you feel should be on 5 of The Best then drop me an email – and I’ll have a look.

Coming up this week: Mark’s Monday Makeover (you could help settle an argument), my first Ikea hack (closely followed by my second and third!) and a console table that gets a great new look.

‘Til next time xxx


Five of The Best

After the success  of last weeks post showcasing 5 of the best blog posts that I’d stumbled on I thought I would do it again this week! I’m not sure if this should be a weekly thing or just monthly… I’ll keep you posted!

This first item actually comes from a stationery/scrap-booking blog (who’d of thunk it, eh?). Technically it is a furniture makeover, being drawers and all, and I thought that it was the biggest shocker between the ‘before’ and the ‘after’. Afraid there’s no tutorial but pop over to Between The Sheets for more detailed photographs.

Source: Between The Sheets

The next piece isn’t a makeover but has full plans on how to make a great rustic cupboard. Shanty 2 Chic use theirs to store a coffee machine but it would be a great place to tidy away all those craft bits, paperwork or just about anything! I also loved the colour she used on the final piece.

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

This next piece is from Rustic Whites but is anything but white! I absolutely adore the colour used – it reminds me of the Antibes Green I used under the little spice rack – and makes me want to go bolder with colour in the very near future!

Source: Rustic Whites

Now usually I’m not a big fan of stenciling, not even when you design it yourself, but when it’s done as well as this find over on Art is Beauty, then I give it a big ‘Thumbs Up’!

Source: Art is Beauty

And finally, I thought this Ikea hack from Girl in the Garage was fantastic.. partly because I’m working on the same set of drawers but with a completely different finish but mostly because it’s so much more practical than using vintage suitcases and much, much easier to find!

Source: Girl in The Garage

Well, that’s it for this week’s Five of The Best, I hope I managed to find something you haven’t seen before? Shall I keep it going every Sunday night or do you think once a month is enough?

Watch out for this week’s posts on distressing using Vaseline, Mark’s Makeover, and my very own Ikea hack.

Nikki x

Five of the Best…

I’ve read some great blog posts this past few weeks and thought that if I love them then you might too? Okay, you probably already subscribe to a few (if not all) of them but they are really worth checking out – if you haven’t already!

I might try to make this a regular Sunday night thing, if nobody minds?

First up is this  from Ferpie and Fray. It was great to read about a transformation that all went to plan!

Loved this no hassle transformation at Ferpie and fray

This next piece is NOTHING like how I would have painted it but isn’t that part of what makes sharing great? I love how it turned out and I’m sure her client does too. See the before and after at This Delightful Life.

I always read posts from Phoenix Restoration and really love her work. This piece struck me because of the great use of colour.

Love a lot of her work!

This post from Me Myself n DIY made me laugh so hard! She talks about the 6 stages of failure we have all gone through (or something very similar) when working on that ‘pig of a project’ that comes along every so often!

This post made me laugh so hard – we’ve all been through it!

And finally… I was intrigued by this post as I have been itching to paint fabric chairs for about 6 months now and just haven’t found the right piece! See how the Interior Frugalista copes with this project on a tight schedule

I have always wanted to try this!

Of course I have read a tonne of great posts but had to set a limit and 5 seemed about right. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Nikki x