Ikea Rast Makeover

Ikea Rast DrawersThis project was a simple one. I started out to do an Ikea Rast Makeover with their most basic chest of drawers. First off gave them a deep colour was in a hot pink paint. I love natural wood grain so I let it show through a little on this one.

Ikea Drawers

I changed out the original wooden knob style handles for something a little girlier but kept the handles for future projects ūüėČ

black rose knobsAnd then I traced a large rose motif onto the top and (painstakingly) painted it black.

painted rose furniture

I think the overall look is feminine without being too sickly! My 9-year-old likes it because it’s pink. My teenager likes it because it’s modern and clean. Win, win!

painted furniture lydney

What’s your favourite Ikea makeover or hack? Do you enjoy working on new furniture or prefer bringing the old back to life? Feel free to share your projects in the comments section!

Nikki x

Easy Jug Makeover Using Chalk Paint

Unfortunately, and for the second week in a row, Mark hasn’t been able to complete a makeover and I’ve been feeling yuk today so haven’t managed to finish the corner unit I wanted to show you. Instead I’m going to share one of those projects that’s so quick and easy you can do it while waiting for paint to cure on something else.

This is a real quick fix for a stone jug I picked up at a flea market for ¬£2. I loved its shape but wasn’t too keen on the colours.

shabby chic flowers
Not too shabby, shabby chic flowers

I started out by lightening the whole thing using some chalk paint straight onto the very glossy finish. I’m still surprised that it covered in just 2 coats – got to love chalk paint!

Can I paint ceramic
All taped up and ready to go gold

Once I was happy with that stage I gave it¬†2 coats of wax varnish to seal it. You never know, one day I might actually want to put a liquid in it and I don’t want the paint running off onto my worktops.

Then I wanted to add some interest so out came the metallic gold. I knew that I could get carried away with it so taped off the section I wanted to paint. I find frog tape works great but it is a bit pricey, when you get through as much as I do. A trick my Mom showed me years ago is to rub some ordinary masking tape on your jeans so it picks up a little dust and looses some sticky.

Then I gave the lip a couple¬†of coats of the gold. I like this Rustoleum brand because it’s not expensive and is nice to use (and dries quite quickly). I did try another brand before, that gave a lovely glossy finish but I couldn’t bear waiting 16 hours between coats!

Painted ceramic

Once I removed the tape I realised that the gold was a bit ‘stretchy’ and had peeled a bit in places where it had dried to the tape. Never matter.

new look for an old jug
New look jug!

Perfect to hold my fake porcelain flowers now.

What’s your favourite ‘quick fix’ you’ve seen recently? I’d love to see it.

Nikki x

Five of the best… No 4

After having to skip a couple of weeks due to work commitments I’m happy to come back with our popular ‘Five of The Best’ series!

Up first is this amazing chair re-do came to me via Lindsey at Better After where she shares a lot of photos and info on how the project took shape. The guys who did it don’t seem to have a blog to link to but you can¬†check out¬†their facebook page for more of what they are up to.

Using aluminum on furniture
Check out the before and after shots and prepare to be impressed!

You know how I love mixing it up with paint so this piece really grabbed my attention. It’s from Knot to Shabby – make sure that you follow them from their new home and not the old blog pages this link takes you to!

Annie Sloan Green Glass Paint
Beautifully distressed

I am quite enjoying using wallpaper on furniture recently and this post from Girl in the Garage shows how it can give a real ‘WOW’ factor to an, otherwise ordinary piece.


This whole room makeover from DIYher is just so pretty I had to share it. It does leave me wondering why my own bedroom has piles of furniture, old frames and ‘it might be handy one day’ bits stashed all over the place!


And finally, I found this quirky bench on Pinterest while looking for ideas on how to use up the dozen or so old chairs that seem to be breeding in my shed! I couldn’t find the original source so if anyone out there knows who it belongs to I’d appreciate it so I can give credit where it’s due!

mismatched chair bench‘Til next time,

Nikki x

Mark’s Monday Makeover… A Bedside Cabinet

Apologies for the late post (it’s actually just after midnight here, so really it’s Tuesday!)

I don’t know if you gathered from my¬†previous posts, but Mark and I don’t always agree on what furniture we should buy to work on. Or even how to finish a particular piece. So when he came home last week proud as punch of the bedside cabinet he bagged at the auctions I didn’t know quite how to say that I was less than enamoured with it!

The (ugly) Bedside
The (ugly) Bedside
Leg Detail
Leg Detail

He painted it quite a strong violet colour and highlighted the detail with a papery white.

Bedside Cabinet

Then he gave it a coat of clear wax and declared it ‘Beautiful’!

It looks pink here but that's just bad lighting!
It looks pink here but that’s just bad lighting!

Now, sometimes a change of colour and a little effort is all it takes to transform an ugly duckling. In this case, I’m still not swayed… it’s still kind of ugly.

A better representation of the colour!
A better representation of the colour!

Apologies also for the terrible photography – with trying to move the blog and all the associated headaches I missed daylight completely. I will try to get some better ones soon!

‘Til next time,

Nikki x

Before & After… Tall Contemporary Drawers

I was offered these drawers by a trader friend of mine who needed the space in her shop. She wasn’t charging me a fortune and there was something about the shape and styling in them that appealed to me. They were well made but modern and I knew straight away what I was going to do with them. Mark, on the other hand, hated them!

Great shape but very 1984!
Great shape but very 1984!

I started off with 2 coats of red chalk paint (my own mix) and then turned the laptop on and fired up Pinterest. I needed a free swirl that I could use to decorate the front and, sure enough, Pinterest delivered!

Then I turned to Block Posters to transform it into a PDF and transferred it onto the drawers (I will be writing a tutorial on the method I use in the near future). It wasn’t quite as bold as I wanted so I went over it with a Sharpie and then sanded back just a little so it wasn’t too sharp.

A quick coat of wax varnish and they were ready to stick online… only now Mark likes them and wants them down the shop!

The graphic makes the difference!
The graphic makes the difference!

The Unloved Corner Cabinet Top

Occasionally we will buy a few items bunched together as one lot at an auction. This piece came with the dresser that Mark gave a complete makeover to a few weeks back.

It’s the top of a mahogany corner unit similar to a few others we already have in stock. Mark put it straight into the shop to fill a gap and we forgot about it.

The other day when we were starting our spring fling clear-out of unwanted stuff at the shop Mark said to take it over the road to the charity shop. It’s a well made piece with no faults, and still has the original key with it, so I couldn’t give up on it so easily.

Mahogony corner cabinet
Quite uninspiring

Once it was in the corner of my living room I set about finding the look to vamp it up a little in the style department. I knew I wanted something bright and fresh – a complete contrast to the dark finish it originally had. Then I found some stunning wallpaper while shopping for another project…

Butterfly Wallpaper

I’d always wanted to try papering the inside of one of these things and this was my chance. So home I came with the paper and, after a bit of faffing around, I managed to mix a beautiful shade of duck egg blue that matched it perfectly.

So I painted it all over with two coats, not minding the glass as this cleans back easily. Then I set to sticking the paper in which proved a lot more awkward than putting it onto a wall – think back to trying to put wallpaper in your dolls house and you are on the right tracks!

Wallpapered corner cabinet
I just love the paper!

Once that was done I had to decide on a finish for it. I didn’t want it distressed, I wanted the main feature to be the paper background, so I gave it a thin coat of wax varnish I’ve been wanting to review for a while (post coming soon). The finish wasn’t a luxurious as¬†wax but it makes it a more durable piece that will withstand a little abuse.

Painted Mahogany Corner Cupboard

It’s already back in the shop, Mark changed his mind about giving it to charity for now!

So, which do you prefer, the traditional mahogany or the bright finish?

Nikki x