Projects from Big Red Barn this week

I haven’t posted much recently so I thought it was time I shared some of the many projects from Big Red Barn this week!

Last weekend I was at an indoor flea market. It was freezing cold, I was starving hungry and there was rugby on the tv. I wanted to be home, which in my experience, doesn’t usually lead to good shopping.

I forgot to take my camera, and would probably have been too much of a brat to take photos on that particular day anyhow (and you all thought I was Little Miss Sunshine eh?). My only purchase was a guilded frame with a print of Lincoln Cathedral on board. The only upside to my miserable day was that it was a great bargain at just £4! I’m thinking chalk board?

Turn a £4 frame into a stunning chalk board

A couple of days later, and after a good feed, Mark and I went to the Malt House Emporium  near Stroud. Again, I forgot my camera (actually I forgot working batteries for my camera) but I bought a really obscure triangular chest of drawers that have been painted in a very thick coat of dark red gloss. I am hoping to display/store my furniture mouldings in it eventually.

Unusual Ethnic looking drawers

While we were in the area we did a quick tour of the charity shops of Stroud and I picked up a cute little jewellery box. I think I might throw down a blog challenge with this one – either specifically jewellery boxes or a more general charity/thrift store challenge.

Wooden jewellery box

Then Mark found me a chair at auction. It came as part of a job lot so worked out to be very cheap. I’ve already started painting it a dark grey but I keep changing my mind what colour to paint the fabric. I’ve wanted to try this method since I saw it on Pinterest way back last year (or the year before maybe?) so he earned himself some points that day!

How to paint a chair

The final project I am working on is a Chinese style camphor chest that Mark was given – yes, a true freebie! It has been painted in a pure white silk over a matt blue. It doesn’t look the best but it was FREE, and I have an idea of how I want it to look when it’s finished. This should be a quick fix so will probably be the first to be completed. Once it’s done I’m going to try selling it online before we stick it in the shop, as more of an experiment than anything.

Painted chinese chest
Someone else painted this!

I’m sure I’ve more to share with you but that’s enough for now! Check back again soon to see how they all turn out!

Nikki x

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