Updating Forgotten Furniture

Sometimes I buy a piece of furniture, fix it up and get it down to the shop within a week. Sometimes. More often I’m already working on something, have a customer commission or there just isn’t room in the shop, so the piece gets stored. Now there’s 2 types of furniture in my storage, the type that I can’t wait to get out and work on and the type that keeps getting pushed to the back.

This piece has been pushed to the back so many times it was starting to look like a permanent fixture in the shed! I really wasn’t sure how to make it ‘mine’ and, to be honest, I had no intention of working on it this week. I asked my daughter to go fetch me a long narrow coffee table from the shed as I knew just what I wanted to do with it. She came back with this…

Oak Console Table
Not very exciting is it?

So the upshot is that I decided I’d have a go at updating this piece of forgotten furniture.

It took me an age to get all of the gunky brown varnish off the drawers but with a little chemical help and a lot of elbow grease it did, eventually clean up ok.

How to strip using Nitro Mors
Please be careful when using chemical strippers

While the chemicals got to work (several times) I gave the carcass a couple of coats of a lovely dark sage green paint (one of my own). I also decoupaged some ceramic knobs (tutorial to follow).

Use tissue paper to cover plain knobs
Lydney is where our shop is!

Okay, the drawers don’t look a lot different but, up close, the dark wax is a much nicer finish. It was nice but not stunning. Then I added a vintage map to the top and distressed it slightly in all the right places and WOW! It went from being a piece I was avoiding to a piece I wanted to keep for myself!

Painted Oak Table
Lightly distressed on the legs and edges


Old map of Severn Estuary
The antique map shows the area we live in!


Details of console table
I lined the drawers with leftover map

Maybe I should go to the back of the shed again soon – who knows what other treasures I might find!

Refurbished Table Lydney
It’s in the shop already!

Come back again tomorrow to see what I found in my recycling bin!

Nikki x

4 thoughts on “Updating Forgotten Furniture

  1. Love love love what you did with this table! The green is perfect with the waxed wood and map combination. Pinning this one! I think we all have some of those pieces hidden in the back corners of our shop/garage. Hmmm, maybe I need to revisit that stash.

    1. Thank you so much, you’ve made my day! I really wasn’t expecting it to turn out so great, but I am proud of this one.

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