Crackle Glaze Ikea Hack

I’ve had more than the odd triumph with crackle glazing furniture over the years but got a little bored with the finish so haven’t done it for a while. Remembering how much fun it could be I thought it would make a great tutorial. That and the fact that I hadn’t tried to crackle glaze with my own paints yet was enough to encourage an Ikea trip to buy their Rast drawers.

Ikea Hack
Ikea Rast Drawers £20

I started out by painting all the visible surfaces with a lovely red chalk paint. It didn’t have to be perfect so one coat was great.

Painting Ikea Furniture
It started out easy

Then, one at a time as you have to work quite fast, I gave the red pieces a generous coat of PVA glue. If you aren’t in the UK PVA is just the white school glue, cheap as chips and dries clear.

Using white glue to crackle glaze furniture
Step 2: also easy!

While the glue is still wet I painted over the top with a mustard yellow, using a single stroke so as not to disturb the glue to much. Some people like to water down the top coat a little but I didn’t bother. This stage can be quite intimidating so have a practice on some scrap wood a few times until you get the look you want – the thickness/dryness of the glue and the amount of paint on top make a difference to the size of the ‘cracks’ so play around.

I forgot to take a photo here as I was completely consumed by the magic about to happen!

In warm weather you can just leave it and watch the paint dry – I promise you won’t be bored – but it’s freezing here and a little damp in the air so I pulled out the hairdryer and moved things along a little quicker!

Red and yellow crackle glaze
It takes just minutes for the cracks to appear!

Once everything was dry Mark put it together while I cooked up some dinner.

Painted wooden drawers

I loved the effect, but hated the overall look 🙁 I didn’t even get around to putting on the cute cup handles I had picked out for it before I decided I wasn’t putting my name to it in it’s current state!

What to do with ugly drawers
After one coat of clear wax, I still wasn’t feeling it

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what I did next!

Nikki x

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    1. It’s funny the different names we have for basic stuff like white glue… you probably wouldn’t believe we couldn’t buy Mod Podge here until a couple of years ago!

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