Are you a follower of fashion?

Furniture fashion I mean, or interiors. Do you read all the glossy magazines and plan your home, or projects, according to what’s hot?

Pantone color of 2015
Do the industry ‘experts’ influence you?

I have to admit I don’t. Sometimes I will pick up a magazine when I’m shopping but usually a quick flick through, while I wait for Mark to choose a book, is enough for me. I very rarely buy one… I’d rather buy a little piece of cuteness in a charity shop or a new colour of wax.

So how do you choose? Is it the amount of work it will need to make it beautiful, or a charming little detail that catches your eye. Perhaps you are buying for yourself and need it to match your home?

interior magazines
Do magazines guide your tastes?

I’m an impulse buyer. Mark often says I like a thing more the cheaper it is but that’s not strictly  true. It is true that if a piece is going for a song I’m less afraid of taking a gambol on it but if I see something that I love, and can see it’s potential, then I will sometimes break the bank to have it.

So what makes you buy, I’d love to know? Is it budget or design? Is it saleability or potential?

‘Til next time,

Nikki x

2 thoughts on “Are you a follower of fashion?

  1. IMPULSE!!! I think of an idea and then I am out there shopping for the stuff even if I am not ready to start said project or even sure I will REALLY do it and then when I am in the store I see other stuff I “need” for another project and it gets put up as well. I hate that about myself …. and btw I purchased some of that Marsalla paint (Valspars color of the year) and it is not as dark as the photos show. I have a project on the agenda so I will be able to show how it looks. I was shocked that it was so different than the ads. It is not in my Lowes yet but the Lowes tech wrote Valspar and got the color formula. Another impulse.
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    1. What a shame about that paint – I was thinking it looked a lovely dark and brooding colour 🙁 I was even looking out for a piece to paint with it lol! Can’t wait to see it in your project now.

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