Mark’s Monday Makeover… A Bedside Cabinet

Apologies for the late post (it’s actually just after midnight here, so really it’s Tuesday!)

I don’t know if you gathered from my previous posts, but Mark and I don’t always agree on what furniture we should buy to work on. Or even how to finish a particular piece. So when he came home last week proud as punch of the bedside cabinet he bagged at the auctions I didn’t know quite how to say that I was less than enamoured with it!

The (ugly) Bedside
The (ugly) Bedside
Leg Detail
Leg Detail

He painted it quite a strong violet colour and highlighted the detail with a papery white.

Bedside Cabinet

Then he gave it a coat of clear wax and declared it ‘Beautiful’!

It looks pink here but that's just bad lighting!
It looks pink here but that’s just bad lighting!

Now, sometimes a change of colour and a little effort is all it takes to transform an ugly duckling. In this case, I’m still not swayed… it’s still kind of ugly.

A better representation of the colour!
A better representation of the colour!

Apologies also for the terrible photography – with trying to move the blog and all the associated headaches I missed daylight completely. I will try to get some better ones soon!

‘Til next time,

Nikki x

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